Human Resources policy

Objectives and strategies of the company to perform in line with the purchase of qualified manpower, proactive human resources practices and employee satisfaction by providing effective and motivated to create an organization, to support ongoing training and personal development, so our company is to ensure that a company in the sector that make a difference.

Selection and Recruitment

Defined in line with our company's business plans, job applications made directly to the selection of human resource, consultants and newspaper ads are channels. Some of the candidates for positions are subject to psychometric testing.

Orientation Program

The purpose of the personnel recruited as soon as possible to ensure compliance with the company's culture, organizational structure and functioning of the orientation program is arranged to transfer.

Performance Evaluation

Individual Performance Evaluation system that works with the end of each year, along with manager determines the next year's business goals and create personal development plans. The results of this assessment, determination of wages, career and educational planning are reflected. .

Open Positions:

Electrical Engineer
Electrical Tech.


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